Frequently Asked Questions about Bounce House Rentals

How do I make a reservation?

You may place an order online 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week on our website! Ordering online takes less than 5 minutes. All orders are immediately processed. You will receive a confirmation email and invoice upon completing your order. For last minute orders, please call us at 803-647-9601.  Watch this quick video to assist you with booking online.

What happens if it rains?

We believe our customers should not be penalized due to unfavorable weather. If it rains on your event date, you have the option to postpone or cancel. Upon cancellation, you will receive a full refund of your deposit. Refunds are only rewarded if the delivery driver has NOT arrived and setup. After the setup has been completed, there will be no refund. Inclement weather(rain, high winds, etc.) is the only variable that will necessitate a refund after the reservation has been made. Laugh 'n Leap reserves the right to cancel delivery on short notice if it is determined that weather will be a factor in the safety of the participants or harmful to the equipment in any way.

Do you deliver to my area?

Laugh 'N Leap delivers to all of the Columbia Metro Area. We generally cover the entire areas of Richland and Lexington County. We also service Irmo, Chapin, Camden, Sumter, and Orangeburg.  We have budget restrictions on travel to towns and cities more than 1 hour away.

For large public events and church festivals, we'll travel as far as North Carolina and Georgia.

Please call us at 803-647-9601 to ask specifically if we can provide amusements for your event.

How do I Pay? / When is payment due?

We require a 50% payment at the time of booking.  The option to pay the full balance is also available.  In the event of paying 50%, the remaining balance will be due on the event date.  We accept all major credit cards, business checks, purchase orders, and cash.  Credit Card payments are preferred.  If you choose to pay with Cash, please be sure to have the exact amount of the total due on your invoice.  The delivery staff will not have change.  Invoices and receipts are sent via email within 5min of placing a reservation.

For businesses only, please make check payable to: Laugh 'n Leap.  Payment terms vary per organization.  We understand that schools, Universities, and other organizations have different accounting procedures.  For more info regarding payments, please call us at 803-647-9601.

What is the rental period?

Typically, our inflatables are rented on a daily basis for a period of 5 hours. Prices are not pro-rated for shorter rental periods.  Additional hours are usually calculated at $40.00 per hour.  Overnights rentals and multi-day events are calculated based on the units rented.  Please don't hesitate to inquire about special accomodations to meet your needs. 

How far in advance do I need to order?

Our  rentals are available on a “first-come, first-served” basis.  In some cases (i.e.  end of school, July 4th, back to school, etc.) our attractions are reserved 4 to 6 weeks in advance.  We suggest 2 – 4 weeks before your scheduled event date. However, we stock a large inventory to satisfy the last minute planners as well.  For bookings on the popular "Theme/Character" units, please place your order as soon as your date is secured.

How big are your attractions?

Most of the backyard size units are 16 feet long x 16 feet wide x 15 feet tall. For specific sizes, please visit the page of your interest where we have outline detailed info with the exact diimensions of any particular attraction.

How much space do I need to have in my yard?

Bounce Houses require at least 17ft wide, 17ft long and 17ft high of available space (clear of ALL debris - rocks, branches, sticks, pet litter, etc). Set-up has to be within 100ft of a standard household power outlet. Most of our Wet/Dry Slides requires a space of 30 feet long and 16 feet wide or vice-versa and a water supply is needed to be used wet. Slip N Slides are long, but narrow. They require at least 50ft in length and 16ft in width.

How many children can fit in a bouncer?

Generally speaking, between 8 and 10 kids at once, safely and comfortably. Bouncers come in several sizes so you may want to check the feature page of the particular unit you're interested in.

Are your inflatables clean?

Yes! All Laugh 'N Leap units are thoroughly cleaned between each use. We are committed to making sure that your children have a clean, healthy, and safe environment in which to play. In addition to cleaning, we also safety check and troubleshoot all equipment before it goes out to another client. This way, you are always guaranteed a unit that is safe, clean, and in good working order.

What time do you deliver and pickup?

Rental periods vary depending on your needs. You decide on the specific time you want the inflatable operating and we'll be there between 30 minutes and 4 hours before that start time. We also request a 4-hour window to pick up the game. You do not pay for our set up time. All rental periods are play time only! Picking up is based on the number of hours you rent for. Special arrangements can be made if you need to leave (example: dinner, or son or daughter's soccer game.) by a certain time, just let us know. For park parties, we run the timing a little tighter. Your order representative will brief you on this if applicable at the time of confirmation.

Can you set up indoors?

Yes.  All of our units are able to be set up indoors, space permitting. We can set up inside gymnasiums, ball rooms, event halls, and any other space with a ceiling height of at least 15 feet tall.

Are inflatables safe?

Absolutely! As long as all the rules outlined in the operator safety acknowledgement form are followed, and the unit is supervised at all times, they are very safe. We will request your signature on this form and give you a copy on the day of the delivery. We securely stake the base of all inflatables into the ground. Grass surface is preferred for set up. However, we can supply Four 50-100lb sand bags for surfaces such as packed gravel, cement, or asphalt where stakes cannot be used for an additional charge of $25.00 per inflatable.

What are my responsibilities as the renter of the bouncer?

A responsible adult must be assigned to supervise all activity in and around the inflatable unit while it is in use. The adult must know and enforce all safety rules. The renter is responsible for the safety of all participants and the care of the equipment.

Can we set up the inflatable equipment in an area where there is no electricity?

Extension cords will be included with your inflatable rental at no additional charge. If your event takes place in an area where an electrical outlet is unavailable, we can provide a fully-gassed generator for an additional $119.99 per day. Please notify us in advance if electricity is NOT available on site.

Can I see a copy of the rental agreement or contract?

To review our rental agreement, please click HERE.

The renter will be required to sign a contract in advance or upon delivery, but prior to setup.